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1870. A new age dawns. Vienna is growing. The former city wall has been dismantled, parts of the Ringstrasse havealready been opened and inaugurated by the emperor himself. A few of the buildings prominent in today’s skyline are not yet there, but the city’s new face is emerging.

The future is unstoppable. For example on Mariahilfer Strasse, in building number 107, where engineer and inventor Siegfried Marcus had opened a “telegraph relay equipment workshop”. In 1870, he began test driving his still primitive “Marcus Car 1”, essentially the very first “automobile”.

Foundations were laid for the Brooklyn Bridge in New York and for the “k.k. Telegrafen Centrale” on Börseplatz 1 here in Vienna in the very same year. The stock exchange, however, was not constructed until several years later according to Theophil Hansen’s plans.

For more than 120 years, Börseplatz 1 was the central commu-nications hub, the center of a new age. At times, as many as 800 civil servants were working here, ensuring seamless com-munication to every last corner of the Danube Monarchy and the new republic. The telephone company used this space all the way up until 1996.

2017. A new age dawns. Vienna is growing, especially in terms of quality. In the meantime Vienna is once more at the center of Europe, at the heart of cultural and economic developments. Vienna is once again the hub of a newfound quality of life. The city has always demonstrated an eagerness to embrace new things.

There is an unconditional harmony between this building on Börseplatz 1 and the changes that reflect the march of time. Where technology once drove innovation in architecture, today this historical architecture provides space for new ways of living. The most modern building automation and tech-nology now requires neither space nor representation, but living still does.

The age we live in is characterized by individuality and diversity. A carefully maintained vintage car sits in the garage next to the electric car at its charging station – both owned by the same individual.

Today, the kids can play at home, but tomorrow they will need a babysitter. Services available wherever you look and, at the same time, total discretion. It is not important how you want to live or what you want in life – the important thing is that you can do it, and have it, here.