The historical and

modern Vienna

on your doorstep

Your new home on Börseplatz 1 does not just sound distinctive, it also boasts an exceptional location: right in the center of one of the world’s most livable cities and yet free from crowds of tourists. A pleasant calm right at the heart of bustling city life, in safe and secure surroundings.

The Ringstrasse is close by, and a park with an idyllic atmosphere is located just outside your door. Raise your glass with us to your new home! Champagne is already on ice at Unger und Klein (Gölsdorfgasse 2, 7 minutes on foot). You will also find the perfect wines for your cellar here. The same proprietor runs the small but exceptional bar at  Unger und Klein im Hochhaus (Herrengasse 6–8, 6 minutes on foot), which is ideal for a glass of wine or a coffee at any time.

Now the question is what food to pair with that excellent wine? Toni Mörwald’s Kochamt at Palais Ferstel (Herrengasse 14, 5 minutes on foot) always has an answer at hand. Just next door, Xocolat is especially enticing, and all sorts of herbal concoctions and teas have been prepared since 1795 at Kräuterhaus Kottas, located just on the other side of the Freyung square (Freyung 7, 5 minutes on foot). There is a very good chance that Ludwig van Beethoven also stopped here for advice and tea to help with one of his many bouts of gout. He lived right up the block (Mölkerbastei 8).

Man cannot live on bread alone; our souls need sustenance too. Speaking of bread: The best bread is to be found at the bakery  Joseph (Naglergasse 9, 8 minutes on foot). As everyone knows, the Viennese soul is most likely to be found in a typical Viennese coffeehouse, such as Café Korb (Brandstätte 9, 10 minutes on foot).

In the café’s basement, artists Peter Weibel, Peter Kogler, Manfred Wolff-Plottegg, and Günter Brus opened “artlounge”, a venue hosting readings and regular meetings of the Wiener Philosophen Café discussion group. After all, thinking, writing, and discussion are inseparable aspects of the traditional Viennese coffeehouse.

Thomas Bernhard used to study his contemporaries at the Bräunerhof Café (Stallburggasse 2, 12 minutes on foot), and Café Central (Herrengasse 14, 6 minutes on foot) was the regular haunt of Viennese writers like Peter Altenburg, Alfred Polgar, Anton Kuh, and Friedrich Torberg

Since we are taking a stroll through “the good old days”, we should not leave out visiting some of the workshops where traditional Viennese craftsmanship lives on. There is, for example, the cobbler Scheer (Bräunerstrasse 4, 12 minutes on foot). For 200 years, only the highest-quality custom shoes have been made here, and Scheer expert craftsmanship is now practiced in its 7th generation.

Or  Knize, the city’s best custom tailor (Graben 13, 11 minutes on foot). This tailor’s shop, which is today as timeless as it is modern, was designed by Adolf Loos. Adolf Loos is also behind the design of the Loos-Bar just around the corner (Kärntner Durchgang 7, 13 minutes on foot), which has served as an urban oasis and been regarded as an architectural treasure since 1908.

And we must not forget another time-honored institution on our little stroll: the gourmet temple Meinl am Graben (Graben 19, 10 minutes on foot). If you cannot find it there, you will not find it anywhere – or it is simply not worth having. Countless delicacies that are prized by connoisseurs and epicures from all around the world are arrayed here over three floors. And you need not wait till you have gotten things home; the restaurant and bar on site will satisfy your every wish. Leave your purchases to be delivered home for you and instead enjoy a carefree stroll through the Kohlmarkt.

You will walk past noble addresses, including Café Demel, on the way to Michaelerplatz, the historic center of the city. Across from you is the marvelous Hofburg, to the left is the Michaelerkirche, one of Vienna’s oldest churches, with frescoes and paintings, some dating back to the 13th century.

There is hardly a spot anywhere in this city without a story to tell. There are anecdotes and stories on literally every corner. The most impressive stories are still those told at the Burgtheater (Universitätsring 2, 10 minutes by foot). To call it by its more proper name, the k. k. Hofburgtheater, the Imperial Court Theater, is the largest and most important theater in the German-speaking world.

Nebenan, im Café Landtmann (Universitätsring 4; 10 Geh-Minuten), können Sie dann, mit etwas Glück, die Stars von der großen Bühne auch ganz hautnah 
erleben, denn das Landtmann war immer ein Magnet für die Freunde des Scheinwerferlichts, für die Großen aus Kultur und Gesellschaft. Schon im Jahr 1873 eröffnete es mit dem Anspruch, das eleganteste Caféhaus der Stadt zu sein - und entsprechend lang ist die Liste der Prominenz, die hier ein und aus ging und geht.

Fabios (Tuchlauben 4–6, 12 minutes on foot) is no less prominent. In addition to its excellent food, Fabios always offers excellent company, too. Anyone who is someone in this city, in business or in the arts, is sure to count among the regulars here. After gathering all these impressions, it is time for an excursion to the Donaukanal. Some come here to jog, others to relax on the beach at Tel Aviv Beach. Some prefer the traditional Old Viennese cuisine at architect Otto Wagner’s Art Nouveau Schützenhaus restaurant, others prefer the Summer Stage or the Strandbar Herrmann beach bar...

Clearly, your location can be considered ideal without any reservations whatsoever. Life’s experiences are waiting for you, all within 10 to 12 minutes’ walk from your door, any time of the day or the night, whether you are on your own or in a group, whether you are trying to relax or have a specific task in mind. Life, just the way you want it.

Historical & modern Vienna on your doorstep