Media owner
Börseplatz 1 GmbH & Co KG
Mahlerstraße 12/Stiege 6/5. Stock, 1010 Wien

Tel.: +43 1 365 366

Company registration number: FN 370390t
Vienna commercial court
VAT number: ATU 66916117

General Partner:
Börseplatz 1 GmbH
Mahlerstraße 12/Stiege 6/5. Stock, 1010 Wien

FN: 370389 s
VAT number: ATU66871708
Vienna Commercial Court
Business purpose: Project development
Managing director: Heinrich Blank

Partner: Herbert Buhl Immobilien GmbH
MR1 Holding GmbH, A.B. Invest UG

Concept and design
Brainds, Marken und Design GmbH

Web concept and UX-Design
Jason Lievesley


Photo credits
Historical images: ONB Bildarchiv
Renderings: Free Dimensions
Photos prime location: Andreas Scheiblecker