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smart living

meets historic

smart living

meets historic

A special flair: where history meets the future


This address is very exclusive. History flows straight into the future here. Every individual element of the building not only preserves the inheritance of the old Viennese architecture – it also fulfills our modern requirements. In cooperation with landmark preservationists, the building’s architectural vocabulary has been retained, but it now has a unique, new “sound.” For example, windows, door handles, and even hinges were restored and reused. Thus, they are the original imperial “furnishings” – in the most modern ambiance.

Special attention was devoted to the flair and atmosphere. The elaborate stucco work in the main rooms demonstrates this and brings it to life. Perhaps less noticeable but just as important is the wall thickness of up to 80 cm – this detail communicates not only solidity and value, it also contributes to creating a pleasant microclimate and improves acoustics.

In accordance with the most modern expectations, the apartments are air conditioned, with controlled ventilation and cooling ceilings, to prevent any drafts. Floor heating in all rooms ensures a comfortable home even in the cold season. The baths and sanitary facilities, embedded in the historic ambiance, also offer the latest standard – with a rain shower, en-suite bathrooms, and large tiles.

For the entry doors, the traditional “Old Vienna” model was selected, with the WK3 security standard. In addition, the doors are equipped with a “reed relay” which can be fitted with an alarm system if desired.

Of course the apartments also fulfill all modern communication requirements and are equipped with a high-performance communication system (UPC/SAT/A1/telephone). Other components of this new high-quality standard of living are the generous storage and utility areas. Not to mention the various services in the building, which you can use as needed.

Flat Bedroom Size
Luxury Apartment 101 2 154.76 m²
Luxury Apartment 102 2 209.57 m²
Luxury Apartment 103 2 215.39 m²
Luxury Apartment 104 2 132.50 m²
Luxury Apartment 105 2 97.28 m²
Luxury Apartment 106 2 109.18 m²
Luxury Apartment 107 2 119.93 m²
Luxury Apartment 108 2 78.27 m²
Luxury Apartment 109 2 116.05 m²
Luxury Apartment 201 2 168.13 m²
Luxury Apartment 202 2 210.06 m²
Luxury Apartment 203 2 216.88 m²
Luxury Apartment 204 2 132.92 m²
Luxury Apartment 205 2 97.22 m²
Luxury Apartment 206 2 109.44 m²
Luxury Apartment 207 2 119.62 m²
Luxury Apartment 208 2 78.19 m²
Luxury Apartment 209 1 114.87 m²
Luxury Apartment 301 2 151.70 m²
Luxury Apartment 302 2 217.39 m²
Luxury Apartment 303 2 224.94 m²
Luxury Apartment 304 2 134.18 m²
Luxury Apartment 305 2 98.36 m²
Luxury Apartment 306 2 110.50 m²
Luxury Apartment 307 2 122.98 m²
Luxury Apartment 308 2 79.29 m²
Luxury Apartment 309 1 116.21 m²
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